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    96xp oil block off?

    hello all
    i have been told that removing oil pump and blocking off is not an easy task is this true?> and is it better to premix or not?pumpworks fine but it is an older ski should i rely on it to keep working or premix?

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    I'm starting to believe that these oil pumps are a lot better than everyone makes them out to be. I'm staying oil-injected on everything from now on.

    The laydown rave engines, which you have, need oil for the rotary valve.

    You have 2 options:

    Leave the oil tank in the ski with only a minimal amount of oil in it - just enough to fill the tube that goes down in front of the rotary valve.

    The other option is to run the oil line from the front under the rotary valve to the back between the cylinders and put a T on the top with the thrid line going to the top of the engine compartment. Put a threaded cap on there. Fill this tube with oil, run it, add more oil, run it again, etc. until the oil level stays the same.

    With both ways you would remove the pump and lines to the intake mani. and cap off the mani.


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    thanks brian . i think im going to stay injected also.i will remember your suggestion if i decide to go premix

    thanks again kevin

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    re: oil injector (+) or not (=) Myth Busters (?)

    Hi guys, just read your comments and it's a tough one.

    Long story short, I have scowered the internet and checked with mechanics on this same subject and think it's time we send it in to Myth Busters! LoL

    You save money on keeping the injector pump in place and also makes it easy to top off the tank when on day trips without the hastle of figuring out how much oil you need to throw into the batch to keep everything happy.

    Wow, just noticed, that could almost pass as some kind of coded dating tip! LoL

    Anyway.....I heard that the filter is the 'lweak ink in the chain' to be maintained, so replacement is a good idea every spring at just a few bucks.

    All said, I'm keeping mine on.

    Live long and prosper

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