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    Arrow '98 Gp1200 Dribbler

    Added all in sig 2 years ago and had 135 mains, 110 lows, 2.0 n/s, 26 pop off (95g spring). It dribbled and I just got it the best I could, rode a few times then had to store it. I just started working on it again last week. Removed carbs and changed n/s to 1.5 and pop off to 32 (65g spring), screws set at 1 on lows and 3/4-1-3/4 on highs to start with. Wish I would have went with the 80g spring and 38 pop off, because it's still dribbling and loading up. What do you guys think?

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    try 115 gold spring this should give you a pop off of around 50 psi and stop your dribling the old gp has a vibration problem which tends to make the needle and seat bounce at low rpm this will stop it. Group k tested years ago and came up with this solution i have been running 115s for the last 6 years with 1.5 n&s nice crisp throtle 95 grm springs arn't bad but still has a small amount of dribble

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    Check and make sure that your return line is clear. Do you have a restricter?

    65g is a little low for a single pipe with good signal strength. I would go at least 80 if not 95 with the 1.5 N/S.

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    What about the 110 lows. I am in the middle of a GP1200 project,and it had the 110 jets in it. I thought this was too big with the 1.2 needle/seats the guy had in these carbs,and went down to a 100 jet,and up to the 1.5 N/S,and kept the 135 mains,and the gold springs to achieve about a 48psi pop off. I did alot of reading around both here and the old Riva forums,and came up with this as being the ideal combo. Pistonwash has some good reading out there,and alot of knoledge with these ski's,I learned alot from his posts.

    We picked this set of carbs up from someone,and he had it all whacked out.Had the dull(stiff) springs in it,135's,110's,1.2 N/S's and the spring arm bent down.I stopped pumping at 80psi and it still didnt pop.

    It hasnt made it to the water yet for tuning yet,still working on the trim and trim tabs.

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    skraggy, your thinking like I am on the lows. pav, what are you running for lows? I'm changing the spring to the 115g, but was thinking about ordering some jets. I'm leaning towards either 100's or stagger 102.5-100-105.

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    for pump fuel porting 100 lows are usaly enough when you run 1.5 n+s they are quite rich from stock i would run 100 lows 135 hi 1.5 n+s and 95 or 115 grm springs if your n+s arms are bent i would get new ones or they will cause you a lot of stress to set up. I run 1.5 n+s, 100 lows, 115 gold springs, and 120 hi and get about 55 psi pop off i use 120 hi jets because i use sidedraft manifold which gives the carbs a much better signel and awsom response but when i used downdraft manifold i always found 100 and 135 to supply enough fuel unless you are going big bore or with tripple pipes.

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    Yes, I am running 100 for the lows,with 1.5 N/S's, and the stock 135 mains. I am using the gold spring(forget the gram rating,but it put me at 47 psi on the popoff,which is where I wanted to be.

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