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    Fuel Pump Question

    This is my first post on here, and I hope you guys don't think that this is a stupid question.
    This is my first jet ski, and I got it from a friend who let it sit behind his house for 3 years. It ran when he parked it, but I am going through everything. Fuel tank, carbs, new hoses, and even rebuilding the engine.
    My question is about replacing the fuel pump with a 3 outlet pump. From the few pictures that I've seen on ebay, it looks like a stock pump, with 2 more fittings. So my question is this: Can we just drill and tap 2 more fittings into the pump body? I noticed it had some arrows on it already, as if that might be an option. What do you guys think?


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    You don't mention what year ski you have, or how old the current pump is. If you ask me, you should just change the darned fuel pump. They're not expensive, but the damage they can do when they fail is very expensive!

    Going through the carbs, changing the fuel lines, all very good ideas.

    I wish I knew about the fuel pump issue when I first started riding skis....

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    Sorry about that. I had just set up my signature, and thought it would be in my post like on other forums.
    I have a 93 Polaris SL 650

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    I have been told that you can modify the stock one, but why take the chance with an old pump. It may be three outlet after the mods, but will still be an old pump that is just waiting to fail.

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    Well, if you're lucky, somebody's already changed your pump! My '92 had the rectangular, 16 liter/hour pump, way less than the ski used at full throttle. Is yours round? I'd still change it, just so you know how old it is.

    I didn't go with the triple output pump. I use a double output, 65 liter/hour pentagon shaped pump, and 2 tees. One tee is between MAG and CTR, the other is between CTR and PTO. Fewer lines running around, and fewer nipples to block off.

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    It's the round one, and looks stock. Where is a good place to get a tripple pump? Or is there a newer model from another ski that I could get off of ebay cheap?

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    A Mikuni round triple outlet is more than enough for your ski. You can get one for around $35 for the pump alone. Or around $50 for the kit off ebay, however if you're going to change the hoses, you won't need the kit. John Zigler sells the pump, shoot him a PM. Or,,

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    Thanks guys for the advise. I checked out those links, and I get one from them.

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