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    96xp electricalproblems

    i cant get any power when i hook battery up any sugestions

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    there's small box next to battery .start checking there
    allso check ground cable,there bad about rotting off

    later cd

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    96xp electrical

    checked all grounds and box all ok is it possible that the dess is bad
    if so can i bypass it

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    First off, is your battery good , and fully charged, cables are tight, both on the battery, the starter and the ground? I'm not familiar with the exact locations for the electrical boxes on that yr model, but look for a grey box, check your fuses. A little more information will help myself and others to help you. What were the conditons prior to now, was it running recently, any work done on it lately, just get it out of storage.? Find your fuses then we can go from there......BigT

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    thank you chip and bigt for your help!
    i located the problem. it was the 5amp battery fuse

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