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Thread: Rental Skis

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    Rental Skis

    Hey all. I am not to familiar with Yamaha skis but soon may be owning 1, maybe 2, or even 3 or 4! Can someone give me some insight on newer model 700's (if they even make them) in the 2002 to 2003 year range? These are rental skis that supposedly didnt come with gauges or the extras, but just strickly made to catter to the rental industry. I am looking to get into some new projects and the price seems to be right, but I need some info before I make the trip from the mountains to the coast.

    Any info would be appreciated.


    P.S. I know this is kinda a generic question that I am asking to get answered, but if you guys have any insight on the different models of that year and what I should be looking for, I would appreciate it greatly!

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    the XL700 (760?) was the most stripped down ski you could get around that time.

    If they were used for rental ski's and haven't been rebuilt lately, they will probably need it.

    These ski's don't go very fast, no frills. I think they would be great for someone to have a few at their lake house to throw on the water for friends to cruise around on.

    I hope you're getting a great price on them!

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    Those would be kinda cool to have at the lake house and to just beable to toss friends on them and tell them to go buck wild. I'm a hog when it comes to my 1300r.... no one hardly gets to ride it since i started modding it.

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    I bought an 99xl 700 rental with a 2005 double shore lander torsion trailer for 1950.00

    they couldn't get it running so I rebuilt the carbs and painted it also 2 holes in the hull and obvious previous repairs but the motor looks new and has good compression my next ski was a 1 owner 1200 950.00 with a blown motor the comparison of the Physical condition was amazing the 1 owner ski was like new the rental was missing buckets nuts and bolts and the seats were so bad I had to buy brand new ones ( lucky for me Yamaha has fair parts prices) and neither of mine are the powerevalved models those need some preventive maintenance from new due to a design flaw Z
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    What kind of design flaw are you refering to? Like I said I may be picking a couple up this weekend for an extremely good price! (what makes it even better, is that I might not even be paying for them!)


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    As long as they are not XL800's you won't have to worry about the powervalve issue zmann is referring to. The motor in the XL700 is a dual carbed 80hp 701, very reliable.

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