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    Smile 250x second water box delete effect the ski unstable ride

    does anyone aware of this? I put the 2nd water box back and fill extra water into it, make the boat more level and now it back to normal. Before I didn't put the second water box back, I always see the ski keep lean on exausht side. It may make the ski plane uneven in rough water. I was thinking instead put the 2nd water box for even weight, install extra IC there for extra boost and cool air. Please input your idea.

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    Battery relocation, or extra battery for accessories.

    Intercooler is a good idea, but you need to know if the stock one is not efficient first.

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    what are the water boxes?

    my ultra tends to lean to the left side alot more sometimes, is that normal?

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    Please excuse me if I seem like a smarty here, but don't worry so much about it at idle speed.

    Also, It's not going to effect you at speed. At full speed, that waterbox empties out, and will not weigh very much.

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