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    Hey drag racers and 1200 grate users.

    I know there are alot of you guys running faster and pulling harder than my unported 1300, so I was wondering how you can WOT from a dead stop and not jump out of the water with a 1200 grate?

    I have tried a few things.

    1200 grate, no tabs= come out of the water hard and come unhooked and then bounce about 5 times before it really GOes.

    1200 grate with tabs= same thing except it only bounces a couple times.
    1200 grate with tabs shimmed 2 washers= same thing but only one bounce and slower.
    800 grate= ALOT slower take off but it dont come raise the nose enough to unhook.

    Trim position was in nuetral or one click "nose down", and if I lean all the way over the bars it helps but still comes up enough to unhook and probably takes a full second to regain thrust.

    Is my plate just to high or what???

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    1300 unported and injected

    I just trim it nose all the way down lean over the front and let her rip as soon as it planes out I am one click trim up from the netural postion.
    My trim tabs are set at .105 under all four corners.
    My jims ff mod plate is set at 1.010 at the rear.

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    Drop nozzle
    or mechanical trim tabs.

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    Work that trim like injected sed and use some body english leeeean

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    Trim all the way down, stand straight up as you nail it. When the boat starts to move take all your weight and throw it forward over the bars while taking your right foot and stomping it on the furthest forward mat at the top. Your hips should actually hit the bars. When the boat flattens out immediately pull the trim button and it will go to the neutral position on its own and then adjust accordingly. Practice, it can be done. I have launched Tragers tripple pipe many times with the 1200 grate, no tabs, and steap plate angle. In the racing days we had drop nozzles and mechanical tabs along with a full tank but those are not great for top speed.

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    Great, thanks for the tips guys!! That explains it, I have watched videos of the CC guys and the holeshot is great and they werent do THAT much leaning. I forgot about them running drop nozzles and mechanical trim tabs .

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    I lean forward also--- helps a ton on spinout also...try that.

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    You guys were right. Trim the nose all the way down and lean. It worked today. Also that was a good tip Duke, about just pull the trigger and it goes straight to neutral. When it does it feels like a turbo kicked in and sits you back down. I just wasnt trimming far enough down.

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    Sounds like you got a handle on it now. Good deal.

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