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    Question 2006 vs 2007 ???

    Does anyone know if there's any difference between the 150 Sportster 2006 and the 150 Speepster 2007 (the 215 hp SCIC versions) ???

    OK, let's get the obvious out of the way, one is called Sportster and is yellow, the other one is Speedster and is usually red (although I think it can be yellow too). I also think the instrument panel and shape may also look different.

    But any "real" technical difference ???

    PS: I guess there are enough threads out there that have established that the 2007 does not have titanium nor plutonium washers, but the favorite ceramic washers (although I seem to have read somewhere that the 2007 washers were made of a different ceramic kind than the 2006. Urban legend?)

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    It's my understanding that the name change and digital dash are the main differences. The 2007 SCIC does come in yellow or red if I'm not mistaken, and I have read in many places that they did modify the ceramic washer make though good luck getting confirmation on that.

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    Although the ceramic washers were made thicker starting in 2006 (which didn't quite help the problem), there is no difference a 2006 and 2007 washer. Other than that, just the name, new color, and digital dash seem to be the only differences. I'm getting a feeling the differences list will be longer in 2008. If you purchase the OEM depth finder, it is also different, due to the digital dash.

    Oh, I just thought of another one... my 2007 has a switch to turn the radio on and off from the console (next to the lights, bilge, & blower switches). It's actually very handy to be able to cut the stereo on and off from there; as far as I know, 2006 didn't include that switch.

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