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    96 SL900 runs but...

    Hello again, took the 900 to the lake today and fired right up on the trailer, but won't rev over 4000 rpm. The MFD flashes FUEL. I only put about 1.5 gallons in, didn't want to mix up a bunch of gas and have the thing not run!! Question is, what is the limp mode I read about and could that be why it won't rev any higher? Can you trick the MFD like I did with a resistor on the oil sender line? Other 2 skis ran great, so it wasn't a wasted trip!


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    Split the electrical box and disconnect the grey wire at the CDI.
    This is for testing only and you should remedy your problem.
    Depending on how many gallons you had in the tank, I'm guessing it's a bad sender unit.

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    I was hoping you wouldn't say open the electrical Box! Wouldn't fooling the pink sender wire do the same? Or is it in the CDI? For testing purposes, means if it does the trick, I need a new sender? I guess the gas sender is important and needs to work?

    Will do as you say, you got me going last week! Thanks again.

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    the sender could be bypassed, and visual inspection would be your fuel gauge. Let us know what you find first.

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