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Thread: stator change

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    stator change

    Whats the best way to change the stator in a 98 slxh? any special info I should know about? This is the first time changing this, more info the better. thanks.

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    are you removing the engine or not???? its much easier to remove with engine out but it can be done with it in. the toughest part is getting the flywheel off in the hull. its hard to get leverage. Ryan

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    My bike is a 98 SLXH also. I found it pretty easy and ya aint gotta go get a bunch of tools. I unscrewed the fuel tank, moved it forward (I think its impossible to remove from the hood area). Then I took the front cover off, pried it apart with a screwdriver. Rented a harmonic balancer puller from O'Reillys. Bought the correct size bolts for the puller from Home Depot (Same thread size that were in front cover I believe, just alot longer) I got them 1/2 inch longer than the ones that come in the harmonic balancer puller. Attached the puller to the flywheel and put a large screwdriver between the bolts on the puller (Make sure the handle of the screwdriver is against the hull, not the pointed part) and loosen away. Beware the POP when it loosens up, I damn near crapped my pants when it happened to me. Thought I broke something. Anyway, install is reverse of removal. Now is a great time to remove the oil injection if you like.

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    I agree, I've never had a problem doing them in the boat.
    I just did one on my Cane yesterday, here's a picture of the pulley I like to use.
    Most guys/gals hold the flywheel/crank still by dropping a rope into the MAG cylinder or using a flywheel tool. I have a photo of the tool in the second photo.
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    Thanks guys, most response ive gotten on any forum so far.

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    Have you actually checked to see if the stator is the problem?
    There is a testing procedure in the tech section under Domestic Electrical.

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    Actually no. My ski wont open up, It will run smooth until about half throttle, give it any more and it will surge and miss and just not get up and go. Pulled carbs apart, they were clean and seemed ok, did not replace anything though. All three carbs squirt gas in the carb throat(may not be getting enough gas, but they are getting gas) Clipped ends of plug wires. all plugs getting fire. Fixed mfd low fuel and oil problems, new battery. It starts instantly every time, and idles great. problem is very consistent, runs exactly the same each time. seems to run smooth until you try to give it gas pass half throttle. Back cylinder had about 20psi less than other two, but just don't think that is my problem. Heard that stators are a big problem so figured i would try it. just got it out of shop and they said they could'nt fix it. they said it was the comp. difference. But when this problem started comp was good. Posted this on other sites with not much help. Sorry so long, just wanted to give as much info as possible. Thanks again for the help, im pretty new to watercraft as far as working on them.

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