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    Snapped Pump Bolt removal recommendations

    One of the long pump bolts on SLX snapped before i purchased it... whats the best way to remove it

    it's in there good... only about 1/2" of it sticking out .... propane torch wasn't really successful with vice grips

    i hate to have to tear the whole pump support and unbolt it from the hull... but this thing is IN THERE

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    I'd soak what's left of the stud in diesel (maybe a diesel soaked rag?). Do you have any extractor tools that grab just the stud??

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    PB Blaster and a quality stud extractor.

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    I've always had great luck with a product called PB Blaster. Available at almost any major auto parts place. Start spraying it 24 hrs before or even days before if possible. Then with the time comes, get some vise grips on it and repeatedly work the bolt both ways while you gradually thread it out.

    I haven't had to resort to heat very often though when given a good soak time. Best of luck.

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    Pull the pump housing, take it to the local weld shop, heliarc a nut to it.
    Heat it, lube it with Gulf Wax while hot, work the nut back and forth till it comes out easily.

    Worked every time when I was building water/wastewater pumps.

    Or find a housing on ebay for $20.

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    If you can heat it up without hurting anything, get as hot as possible then while it is still hot, apply plenty of bee's wax to it. The heat will draw the wax into threads.

    Remember, wax is flammable so you might get a small flame. Just be prepared.

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    Bottom bolt or top ?If You can get to it I use local heat On the threaded area only Srew a nut on the remaining thread and weld the nut to it .When it cools down some slight tapping as you undo it will get it out .


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    Quote Originally Posted by wetherby View Post
    Pull the pump housing, take it to the local weld shop, heliarc a nut to it.
    Wetherby's got the right idea, I do this method all the time.

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