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    1998 GP 1200 Guage Question

    Im looking to find out if there is a way to plug in a guage to check the hours before purchasing it. There is one that is out of a ski that im looking to purchase from a local guy, he doesnt know the hours at all and I would love to test it.

    Any one know? I have yet to be able to find a wire diagram for the Guage, the service manual has everything other then that.

    Its a 1998 GP1200 is where it was taken from.


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    It Won't Work...

    Hey there..

    Unfortunately the hours are stored on the gauges..

    So useing another gauge on the ski won't help you out..

    Althrough if i'm reading it another way and you have the actual gauge out the ski you want to buy..

    Then you need to download this:-
    PAGE 7-21 should get you somewhere partner...

    Best of luck...


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    I did check the manual in 7-21 however its just a test it doesnt display hours.

    Anyone know how to hook up a guage to display hours with it out of the ski??

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    I replied to your other thread.

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