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    900 to 1050 Conversion Info

    Here are my issues.

    I have a 900 that is toast and I need a crank, cylinder, and piston. So please correct me if I am wrong...... Can I just build a 1050 out of my 900 parts?

    My thought is if I have to replace a piston I am going to replace all three 900 pistons with 1050's since a kit is $230 and just a single piston is $80. I believe the crank is the same. So the only extra parts I think I need are the 1050 cylinders and domes. Is this the case? Or am I missing something. Do I need to replace anything else like the carbs/CDI/ext....?
    Also has anyone else done this? If so I could not find the post.

    Thanks guys


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    Sounds like you've got it...81mm pistons, 81mm cylinders (there are 3 different versions, so make sure you get 3 that are the same), 81mm domes. Rejet the carbs, and you should be good to go. I did it last year with my 900. Ski ran great.

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    FWIW, there is a 1050 crank for sale in the classifieds by Kristy. It was my old 1050 crank and is in good shape and is only $350.

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