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    Anyone trust a crankshaft assy from SBT?

    My '01 XLT 1200, same old story, crankcase filled with water and sat for 2 years, and possibly a powervalve dropped.

    Havent pulled the engine yet, just got the money together for the job..

    Where would you guys get a crankshaft assembly? I would like to bring this ski back as close to OEM as possible.

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    I Sure Dont!!

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    I think you ordered an SBT engine for it?

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    I was talking about ordering an engine from SBT, but was talked out of it, pending current engine condition.

    I'm really trying to get a price figure on rebuild compared to a SBT "premium" longblock.

    With a water ingested engine, I'm certain that the needle bearings in the crank as well as the wrist bearings are shot. The block bearing races should be fine, and my #2 cylinder has trademark signs of foreign object ingestion (mabye powervalve dropped?)

    Crank Assy - $$$
    Wristpin bearings on all 3 cyls - $
    New #2 Cylinder - $$
    New #2 Piston & rings - $
    Updated Powervalves - $$

    rebuild carbs while I"m at it

    Where else can I find this stuff other than from Yamaha or Used?

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    just my 2 cents on a SBT engine if you decide to go that way.

    I put one in my 96 1100 raider and it rocked!!! I had a great experience with customer service. I ordered the engine and a few days later a new engine was at my door step (they had one in stock, if not, you have to send yours first). Once i received the new engine, i used the same box to ship my blown up motor back to them. They even include a return shipping label. All you do is call fed-ex or who ever to come back and pick the box up. No extra charges. I also re-built my carbs while everything was apart. The installition is easy, espically if you take notes and label everything when you take your broken engine out. After the installition I never had a problem for over 50hrs. I sold the ski and have never seen it for sale again or herd from the guy i sold it to. Assuming he had no problems.

    Now i have herd people have had problems with SBT such as a bad crankshaft. However, the matter was delt with. Tehy received a new engine. The customer was upset that he had to pull out the engine again and put a new one in. He was mainly upset becuase he was paying a mechanic to do his work.

    I feel that if you are going to do the work yourself either way is a good choice. (SBT or new parts.) If you are going to have a shop/mechanic do it for you and get charged the labor i would go with all new parts, not reconditioned.

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    Thumbs down

    Every SBT engine I've seen had chamfers at least 1/8 wide and crooked as hell around the exhaust ports,with an additional major flaw or two where ever they might fall.On the other hand if you like going to Vegas,you are an excellent candidate for a SBT shortblock.

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    i have read loads of bad storys about sbt and very few good ones so i would try carl at island racing as i know he does a good price on cranks and i belive there a high spec re build unit with hot rods..

    see my sig for carl at island or drop wfoperformance a line both guys will get you hooked up with a good crank..

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    Sbt is great for the grandkids putting them around. They build their engine with excess clearance as they have a lot of do it yourselfers. I have used their two stroke crankshafts many times in stock, lower budget rebuilds. That said,I havent had to replace any of say 100+ crankshafts I have installed in last few yrs. If you want high performance parts I have always preferred yamaha or OEM crankshaft over A.M. except I did like the Hot rods 2 stroke gear. You get what you pay for. I will say this for many years the SBT pistons were made by same company that made OEM yamaha pistons.(ART) Even had same trademark inside!! Sometimes its the only feasable way to go.Depends on depth of pockets!!

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    I wouldn’t put a SBT engine on my lawn mower. I used them once and never again.

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    Wow ... 13+ year thread resurrection.

    And 13+ years later, yup, still suk. I wouldn't put one in my mower either !

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