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    Thread cleaning tip

    OK, this may be old news for some, but this really helped me out this weekend, cleaning old Loctite out of 15 bolt holes ... all the holes were M6 (exhaust manifold and supercharger mounting). I bought a few SS M6x45 bolts at the hardware store, clamped the head, and got out the super thin cutoff wheel. I made a lengthwise cut the full length of the threads ... carefully, to try to keep the slot I created not too big, and with good threads. I did this to 3 bolts, then threaded on a nut to make sure the threads were still very good and not buggered up. One came out perfect ... I took this and used it to clean the Loctite out of the threads in the block. It worked great and I know the torque was correct when re-installing.

    Some people use taps, but they can very easily chew up threads in aluminum ... they are not a safe alternative in aluminum. But a good bolt with a groove cut in it collects the old Loctite like a charm without harming the threads at all. Just be sure to double check that a nut freely spins all the way up and down it to ensure that the threads are good and will not harm your parts.

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    I grind the threads flat on one side of the bolt and buff with a wire brush to do the same the thing and your right, a tap cuts away too much and increases the clearance.

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