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    YeeeeeHaaaaa!!!! Mfd fixed

    I've been reading some of the posts on repairing the mfd's on my 94 SL750(round type) and decided to give it a try. And, low and behold, it worked!! To you guys who have posted tips ........THANX!!. I did mine a little different but the result worked great. Thanks again

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    todd, share the experience, we're going to get a MFD section posted pretty quick.

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    1)Well first i went out in the garage and dusted of my old Foredom flex shaft rotary tool that I havent used in about 12 years(used to use to port cylinders).
    2)If you look at the mfd lens sideways to the screen you can see the depth or thickness of the lens. So i cut the casing with a thin cutoff wheel with the rotary tool where i figured the bottom of the lens would be. I then made a mark in the casing for a timing mark so it would go back together with the right indexing so everything would fit right.
    3)Then with a pair of very thin screw drivers i pried the lens out of the gauge housing(i actually had cut the housing at the right depth to let me get under the lens).
    4)I then removed the lens/display/circuit board assy and unplugged it from the gauge body.
    5)Then I removed the 4 screws from the lens/board and seperated the pieces being very careful when seperating the ribbon from the board.
    6)I then cleaned the rubber connectors where they mated with the circuit board. and then cleaned the circuit board where the rubber connector makes contact. (on the rubber conector and the mating surface on the circuit board, I finished by swabbing with BRP lube-water displacing anti corrosive.)
    7)I reassembled the lens/display/circuit board-again very carefull with the ribbon.
    swabed the plug pins with Brp lube, and plugged in the circuit board assy with the gauge housing and sealed the lens to the housing with clear silicone sealant/sealant.
    9)then i positioned the cut piece of housing back onto the gauge and set a weight on the back of the gauge with the lens sitting flat on my desk overnight.
    10)lastly i used black electrical tapeto wrap around the circumference of the face(perfect size-width)to help hide where i had cut into the body.

    It turned out really well-even cosmetically-you cant see where i cut the housing unless you are looking for it when installed in the Pwc.
    I hope this helps others.

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