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    tuning with aftermarket FA

    In your tuning section (carbs) is the procedure the same if I'm running Vortex FAs?

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    Yepperrs. If the only thing you did was add the flame arrestory try a quarter turn out on the high speed and see how you do.

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    I'm confused. The high speed screws on my SLT are only able to be adjusted from the 9 o clock position to the 3 o clock position. There is a tab on the screw that prevents it from turning completely around! The mag carb is set at 9 o clock, center at 6 o clock and last carb at around 4 o clock. All adjusted counter-clockwise from the 9 o clock position. I have no problems accelerating, ski runs great!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 95SLT750PWC View Post
    I'm confused......There is a tab on the screw that prevents it from turning completely around!
    That's called a limiter cap. If pops right off. Adjust the carbs and put the limiters back on so that the tab is centered in it's adjustment range.

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    Ski may run great and accelerate hard, but it may be lean. Engines run better when lean, but heat is higher than normal and causes the dreaded "holed piston". Check your piston wash.

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