Well finally had a chance to put it on the lake and tune it after the jet/filter kit, wear ring, and new fuel lines. Ended up having to take the LSSs out to 2.5 turns and could probably stand to have another 1/4-1/2 turn of fuel added. Idles around 1600rpms, which is still a tad high for my liking (idle screw is all the way out so I'm guess its still a little lean) Acceleration out of the hole is like night and day, definitely was a HUGE improvement. Back up to what I think is max rpms again(now - 6850 before - 6600), but top speed is still hovering around the 55mph mark. I didn't really romp on it at full throttle since I was unsure if I needed to add more fuel on the HSSs or not, but instead just did a quick up and down speed run as opposed to holding at WOT. It pulls hard all the way to 55(@ 6850rpms) and then just stops, so I'm not sure if that means its running lean or if I need to find another reason why I'm still missing a little over 5mph.

92 degrees air temp (had rained about 2hrs earlier so high humidity)
82ish water temp
Glass water
1/4 tank of gas

So if anyone has any other ideas on what to look for, or if this is normal please give me some feedback.

On the speed screws note, should I also turn out the HSSs as well since I had to go over a full turn on the LSSs? I followed Bill O'Neils instructions which said to initially set the LSSs @ 1.5 turns and the HSSs @ 1/8 turn and adjust as needed from there. I'm just not sure if adjusting the LSSs means I also need to adjust the HSSs as well.