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    No Spark - Head Torque Specs?

    I have a 99 Polaris SLX 1050 with No spark to the plugs, but if I hold one of the spark plug wires I get a Jolt. Whats wrong?? I also need to know the head torque. Thanks

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    do you meen to say , you get sparked right threw the insulation on the wire? or if you hold the end with the plug in?

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    I was holding the end where the spark plug plugs into and my Cousin hit the start button and I got shocked, but yet when I put the spark plug against metal it does not spark.

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    Try new plugs yet?
    Have you tried an in-line spak tester?

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    Yes, they are new. I dewinterized it and had it running three times. Was getting ready to take it to the river and Just wanted to make sure it started before making the trip and it wouldn,t.

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