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    94 Waveraider impeller

    I'm looking to get a new impeller for my 94 Yamaha wave raider 701. It currently has the stock one and when I installed my riva intake grate I noticed the edge is kinda banged up. It doesn't cavitation though.

    So what kind should I get, I'm really not familiar at all with impeller pitch or anything and couldn't find any threads talking about a 701 raider. I want to get a solas.

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    I Have a Solas on my 1995 Raider 701cc

    I bought a Solas prop, and R&D intake grate and ride plate, along with the Riva "wake up kit". Call Riva Yamaha, they should be able to set up up with the correct pitch for you ski.... I don't remember the pitch on mine....

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    Look up the Solas Web site.It will have a chart for selecting the right pitch for how your ski is set up.Most here are not that fond of riva,a better choice on a raider would be Pro-tec.Look on there web site,They may have some specials or bargains on some older closeout stuff for raiders

    I went into solas and looked for you,and think the YB-SC-XO would be your best bet with a stock engine.The pitch is 15.5-18.5 Hope this helps.
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