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    Question Several ???? about 97 SL780

    Hello all, am new to the forum and really getting much out of reading past posts. I have two 97 780's. One's an SL and the other an SLT. Had them since middle of last season and enjoying them much this season as well. However, I have a couple questions I would like to post concerning the SL:
    1)Last weekend at the lake, the RPM's stopped working on the MFD. Just reads 000. All other functions on MFD work fine. So, any idea what would cause that?
    2)This particular ski is starting to bog when giving throttle from idle. This mostly happens when engine is cold or first fired up. After feathering the throttle awhile and letting it warm-up a minute or two it seems to be fine after that and will then throttle up to full. Any suggestions? Carburation issues? It's fresh 89 octane gas, water/fuel seperator is clean.
    3)I'd like to avoid any costly repair issues and do any preventive maintenance that I can on these, so what would you all suggest. They are 10 years old and completely stock, very good condition other than some cosmetic blemishes on the hull. The previous owner said he had the SLT engine rebuilt but the SL had nothing done to it. Where do I begin? Thanks!

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    baker, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!

    I'd lubricate the zirk fittings.
    Lubricate all cables.
    Cut plug wires 1/8 inch and insert caps back into fresh material.
    Dis-assemble steering, lubricate and inspect.
    Inspect impeller to housing wear.
    Go through and verify all nuts and bolts are torqued to their proper specs. (tech section has values under Fuji Engine)
    Inspect driveshaft for excessive wear (splines should be flat and not sharp).
    Verify hood and seat seals are in proper order.
    Verify seat and hood adjustment, pay particular attention to the seat seat/seat seal as water ingestion is evil.
    Clean carbs, inspect linkages and shafts for wear.
    Check thru tunnel hull for cracks and looseness.
    Check ALL hoses for wear, they should be firm but flexible with no cracks showing on the inside of the hoses.
    Replace the fuel line, it's garbage by now.

    I'm sure others can add to the list.

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    Ph2ocraft covered just about all of it. The SL sounds like it needs a good tuning. Cleaning out those carbs will help out alot, but you want to just go ahead and spend the money to rebuild them for sure.

    Your mfd issue sounds like it may either be a loose wire in the cdi box or just a bad mfd. Check for any loose wiring around the sensors on the motor. Being new to this stuff, I would avoid breaking open the cdi box until you can get some better instuction, and I am not the one to give you that kind of advice. Ph2ocraft may be able to help you better on that issue.


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    Thanks for suggestions, now about that RPM issue

    I tend to think the RPM's not working is something besides the MFD. Everything else works as I cycle through the modes and the digits are there for the RPM's, just reading 0's. How does the RPM's feed into the MFD or cdi box?

    Thanks again for the help,

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    Your MFD picks the signal up from the yellow wire from the CDI.
    This yellow wire also powers up the LR23 which creates voltage for the trim and bilge systems, are you sure they are working (engine must be running to verify)?
    If they both work I'd be checking for a loose or broken wire at the MFD. Check for signal to the MFD from the yellow wire and if it's good, your MFD is done.

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    Trim and Bilge both work.

    I will check to see if anything is loose at the plug on back of MFD.


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