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    Problems with my 98 SLXH 1050

    My ski gets to where it bogs down sometimes, give it full throttle and it clears up, happens alot. Sometimes it dies and is hard to start, HAVE to use the choke to get it back up. Dirty carb filters?

    I removed the oil injection, what should I use? Right now I have yamalube but I'd like to find something less than 35.00/gallon Any suggestions?

    I dont think the trim is working correctly, The trim rod was missing when I bought it, but I have a piece of allthread temporarly on it till the factory piece comes in, Is this ski just hard to turn the wheel when doing 50+? I feel resistance at high speeds, low speed is no resistance. Is this normal?

    What should I do about the trim motor? It just not moving, so I had to set the umm, Plastic piece that moves up and down for the trim, right in the middle, also is that where it should be if it doesnt move or should I tilt it up or down?

    I am thinking about getting a prop and ride plate, whats the best for me? I live in Oklahoma and we got nothing but lakes, so no large waves. when mine does grab water, it flies, but it hits alot of small chop and slows it down alot, any suggestions? I'm sure anything over stock is better. I'd like a nice balanced setup

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    So it bogs at lower speeds and not at WOT??? At what RPMs does the bog occur? What do the plugs look like?

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    It bogs at lower speeds, have to gun it to clear the bog. when it dies sometimes its easy to start, sometimes I have to use the choke or it wont start. I would say around 3k rpm, havnt looked to be honest. The plugs are new, after being run, they have a rusty look to them, not wet. Let me know what ya think.

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    Any ideas guys?

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    Sounds to me like the low speed jets in the carbs have either gotten gummed up or are failing with the pressure spring. I hope that makes sense because I cannot for the life of think of the terms used. Its this whole night shift thing that affecting me...

    In a nut shell, I would try cleaning out the carbs, maybe even doing a rebuild.


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