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    Can anyone direct me what to look for and where to get a tachometer to do carb adjustments? I thought I read somewhere it had to be able to specifically do 2 strokes. Is this correct or will any tachometer work? trying to find a cheap one as I dont use them very often.

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    Are you working on Polaris triples? If so, then there's only 2 models that will work for you. The TinyTach commercial, and the PET.

    TinyTach Commerical is by far cheaper. Here's a link to a PET, the 2500, for $345!

    Don't be fooled by the TinyTach labelling that their $35 regular model TinyTach will work, it won't. Polaris triples fire every 120 degrees, or 3x per crank revolution. Only the TinyTach Commercial will work for this. (for the Fuji (blue) triples, anyways. I haven't tried it on the domestic (red) engines?)

    I tried with an optical tach, $30 on eBay, don't waste your money. It works just fine, if you're standing in the driveway. But zipping across the lake at 50 mph, it's just hopeless....
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    I use this one, it works great for tuning.

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