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Thread: Time for a Trio

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    Time for a Trio

    So I ordered the finger throttle conversion kit and a RIVA intake grate for my 05 RXT...... so for this weekend I have a list to take care of....

    1. Change the Oil(Already got the instructions from the previous thread)

    2. Swap the thumb throttle with the finger throttle(Can't wait for the more natural feel of the finger throttle!!!!)

    3. Swap out the intake grate.....

    Question is has anyone done the throttle conversion????... I was looking at my ski today and it looks like it is gonna be complicated.... any suggestions or advice as to this process... or is it really easy and I just follow the instructions......

    Also how about the intake grate.... is this just a few bolts and go or do I need to go get some supplies like epoxy????

    Apppreciate the help guys!!!!!

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    Ooooh, don't know about throttle really, changed one on my Raptor ATV, shouldn't be that hard. intake grate is easy,......just a few bolts, silicone if you want to,......and there ya go.

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