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    '96 waveventure 1100 starter spinning/service manual

    Great forum and thanks in advance for the help-

    I have a '96 waveventure 1100 that when I go to start, sounds like the starter is spinning and not turning the engine over.
    I replaced the plugs, bought a new battery and checked the fuse- still spinning.
    Anybody have any ideas? the starter seems like a pain to get to so before I take the exhaust off I wanted to see if there was anything else I should check?
    I know the starter and the bendix are 2 separate issues- I just want to make sure I go after the right one.
    Could it be a bad ground/groundwire or relay even though the starter is spinning? I've also read about reset codes- anyone know if there are reset codes in a '96 waveventure?
    Anyone have a copy of a '96 1100 service manual?


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    Bendix is what spins.
    If its like a 1200 and I know it is you will have to remove the front cover and the flywheel to get the bendix out.

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    safe to say it's definitely the bendix?

    could anything else (i.e. a bad relay or poor ground) cause this?

    if I were to take it somewhere to get fixed what would (should) they charge?


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    What i would do is pull the front cover.
    There are different ways to remove the flywheel with the motor in the hull so I would pull the flywheel and the bendix will slide right out.
    Slide in the new bendix then retorque the flywheel.
    Install the front cover with the oil pump removed.
    You can stick your finger in the hole in the cover to see how to align the oil pump.
    Then turn the spacer on the pump to line up with the groove in the crank bolt then install.
    If you dont loosen the cable on the pump you wont need to reset it.

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    The bendix sits in a brass bushing with a spring in it. Sometimes it just gets dry and needs some nonconductive lubrication. If you remove the flywheel cover, see if it turns by hand, then put a small amount of nonconductive grease in the brass bushing and on the gear teeth. Try and keep this clean as possible and remove any metalic particles that might be sticking to the flywheel. If your lucky you may get away without haveing to remove the flywheel and bendix. Just my 2 cents

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