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    Polaris MSX 110 Overheating

    My one of two PWC (2004 MSX 110 Polaris) is showing that itís hot when you first put it into the water...When you run PWC it the sensor light goes off...idle it comes back onÖ I did over fill w/oil at the beginning of the season... Is this something that will work itís self out or do I have to take it in to have it repaired?

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    check the coolant bottle level is it full, If not top it off. also you can un screw the coolant bottle cap, start the unit and see if you have coolant flow after you top off the coolant. coolnt should come out of the little hose all the time if not the water pump gear is bad.

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    Question New problem...

    Thanks for the informationÖ..that was the problem!

    Now I have a problem with the other Polaris, 1st, when you start it the check engine sign comes on, then after a couple of seconds it goes off. 2nd, when you run the ski at full throttle the turbo when it reaches its max (full bars) it starts to oscillate, I notice the rpmís going from 6800-7400, the other ski top rpm is 7100. If you run the ski and keep it from full turbo it doesnít do it. 3rd, when you run the ski and hit a wave it just shuts off, if you hit the gas from a dead stop it revs up (4500rpm avg) and just shuts off and if you put the ski under load like towing another boat it will just shut off. Sometimes after it shuts off it doesnít want to start then it just does. Iíve already had it in the shop twice this year for these reasons. Iím at a total of about 1,200.00 to fix these problems that still exist! New battery, loose ground, new wiring harness, exÖ

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