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    Hood inlet ideas

    So let's hear them. I'm looking to create some airflow through the ski. Already holed the storage buckets and all the front area as well as the rear outlet (seeing as forcing hot air to go all the way to the bottom of the hull to get out is not real affective)...Saw good results with just this as it brought my interior temps down a few degrees from what it was normally running over external...but to really make it work I need a place to scoop in a little air to really get it circulating.

    So now I'm looking at the front very top hood and wanting to put two triangular inlets in it. Doesn't need to be huge as at 70 it's going to push some air in there. However I need something with some finish to it...not just holes cut in the hood.

    Been looking around for ideas but drawing blanks so far. Anybody seen anything that caught their eye?

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    I was waiting for my Riva parts to arrive and got bored and started looking at the front air scoops on my RXP. I removed the front chrome moldings and was suprised to see how restrictive the hood is under the chrome moldings. You can look through the chrome moldings (scoops) from the front of the craft, facing rear with a light and easily see the restriction. The chrome moldings can allow much more air to flow than the hood will allow. I used a dremel tool to open up the hood at least 50% to allow more air to be pushed into the intake vent. Now the hood will allow as much air to flow as the scoops can push. I suppose there is more opportunity for water droplets to enter, but I dont think they will make it to the intake filter. The appearence is 100% stock, but the scoops should flow much more air, I would guess double. I also cut the bottom of the intake vent, lower section open to allow air to flow easier. Together this has got to help cool the engine compartment, at least when the craft is moving fast. Maybe another example of free HP.

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    Someone should try a snorkel kit for a PWC, just don't tip over!!

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    yep.. ur right RXDI2... if u carefully look at the moulding and hood designs, alot of air actualy flows and gets channeled behind there and rammed into the under-seat vent... with some minor modification that will still look stock, you can get alot more air flowing.

    should also try replicating the design from the XP hoods.. they have a ram-air system... intake points at the front of the hood that forces air into the tubes which then attach to baffles when the hood is closed and forces air into the hull
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    But the RXP hood has those tubes as well don't they? Where do those lead, or are they just fakes?

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    They're essentially useless.

    They lead from the inside of the hood (where they manage to scoop in air there I have no clue... ) down the sides and empty into the fairings just aft of the two chrome scoops on the side. Assuming the scoop any air they simply duct it towards the opening which resides in front of the seat...

    In essence they're ornamental...

    However if you start getting some air in there they'll suddenly have some use.

    I have thought about dremeling out just behind the chrom piece on the hood (up behind it). That would duct some air in and might be reasonably shielded from spray by the chrom piece?

    i just think two triangular inlets done right at the top front of the black hood would be very sharp... Kind of give the beast some nostrils...

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    i agree with you guys in that not much air gets through the hood and into the engine area. Those silver hoses don't do anything at all, and most of the other openings just direct the air to the side of the ski. i like what peteshauling has done to his hood with a bunch of little holes to get air into his air intake! and shibby ur onto something if we can somehow get those hoses to vent like the XP does. can't wait till summer when i can look at my ski and find some things out and look at more ideas for this. I do have to be careful not to do anything that will let tons of water in though.

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    This is how I ram air into the hull.
    You could add a 4" turbo attwood for more air or swish cheese the hood for more flow to it. No water gets in it too.

    4" tube.
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    PM me if you want inside air temps at 125 degrees, just takes time.

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