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    Min Requirements to Pull Tubers

    I am looking to purchase a used PWC and have found locally there are many Polaris models years1993 to 1996 range and was wonder what is the min HP need to pull one adult on a tube.

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk!

    I am not quite sure where you are located but, most states require that you have a three seater ski to pull a skier/tuber. One seat for the driver, one for the spotter and one for the tuber. Some states also require that the ski have mirrors. Give your local Coast Guard/Dept of Natural Resources office a call and they will put you on the right path.

    Hope this helps,


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    With my 95 SLT 750 you can pretty near kill a guy on a tube...with a few browns about a 100 ft rope and lots of chop on the lake...look out...who said man can't fly

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    Hi, thanks for the reply. I live in Minnesota and it does not say the number of seats, other than you need either a spotter or dealer installed mirrors. What model machine (1993-1997) would be big enough or powerful enought to pull a tuber?

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    I used to pull skiers & tubers with a 1994 model 55 hp seadoo spi.A skier over 200 lbs was tough to get up,but it can be done.Anyone 175 and problemo.

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    ROOKIE HERE ............... is the back tie down strong enough to hold a tuber on a 93 seadoo xp ? i wasnt sure it it would hold or pull out under pressure of the tube. i think it would as i have pulled my 90 back in to dock last weekend but thought i would ask around before tie a tube up to it

    its only a two seater.

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    I would get a three seater to pull a tube, it is just easier and they usually come with a tow hook of some sort on the back. It would be a Polaris SLT or SLTX. Obviously the more power the more fun, but you could pull it with one of the 700's.

    Also, the tie down is fine to pull with, I've seen Doo's pulling tubers off it at the lakes around me. The only way I could see it coming out, and this would apply to any ski, is if you floored it with slack on the line and when the rope ran out it snapped.

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    Guys, just throwing this out there cause I know there has been some talk about these. Riva made a ski pylon for just about all ski's a few years ago. They stopped making them and every once in a while you can find one around on ebay or in the classifieds. BE CAREFUL WITH THESE! They are dangerous if you are considering pulling a tube. They are not meant for tubing, but more for skiing and wakeboarding.

    I put one of these on a 96 SL780, which took some work since they were only made for the 3 seaters, but I made 1 attempt of pulling a tube with it. The weight and stress on tubing with ripe out the floor of any ski using these systems.

    Just some advise. Hope this helps someone out!


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    How many HP is a SL750 Polaris I would also like to pull a tuber

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    I pulled a two person tube for the first time last weekend with the SLX780. I used the hole in the deck at first and then tried the grab bar. They both seemed to hold up this time. The deck hole looks more sturdy. I bought some parts from Home Depot to install a tow loop with some added reinforcements. I'll post pics and write up when I get it done. I had to hold the SLX780 at part throttle. It was a little too rough at WOT and on turns. This was with very calm water on a private lake.

    I was pulled in a single person tube behind a ski boat at the begining of the summer. The bottom inside part of the tube was not inflatable like some are. I was basically sitting on the water. This was my first time in years doin this. The driver of the boat just bought it. He said he was doing about 45mph most of the time. I had huge bruises on both sides of my ass for over a week. I could bairly sit down at work the next day. ouch I think my ski's could do this speed pretty easy pulling a tube. I am not willing to try it again any time soon.
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