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    Can you believe this?!!! Must read

    Well, guy's
    As you remember this week I was a little frustrated with the way the oil stick was reading. I couldn't get an accurate reading for nothing and this bugged me to no end. Just before we left for July 4th vacation which was also our solo ride on our new Utlras, I took out 1 quart of oil thinking it was probably overfilled from the factory. Tonight I did my first oil change and would you believe this flippin' ski had 7 1/2 quarts of oil still in her? No dang wonder the oil always read up to the upper bend in the stick no matter how i checked it; hot or cold. What a relief! I warmed it up before we left for vacation the next day but never got it hot enough to get a good reading and the dealer only ran it for 2 minutes when they seviced the ski so they probably added more oil on top of that! Glad to know the oil stick is not an issue!
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    Yes I can believe what you found. I took over 6 quarts out of mine and took it to the dealer for service and they got another quart out. That makes 7+ quarts. I can belive anything from the dealers.

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    Well, the only thing that really through me was that a reputable dealer in another city close had told me that when they get the ski's in they send the oil stick over to a machine shop and after that they don't have anymore problems. Couldn't find out what they did so all this time I thought there was an issue with a bad reading on the oil stick. Never in my right mind would I expect to have almost 8 quarts total until yesterday morning....I woke up and it hit me...this ski is has been given am emama by an oil job!!! lol
    Sure enough...Now, I can't wait to see what's in my intercooler when I clean that out!!
    What's worse, is when I called my dealer to ask how "they" do the oil check he told me that they run it for 30 seconds(without water) and then they check the oil and bring it up to only the first hole! Well, they sure as heck didn't do that with mine!! That's not even the correct oil level anyways...Geesh!

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    Mine was one quart high by Skips method.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydrotoys View Post
    Mine was one quart high by Skips method.
    Whaat?? Skips method (engine level) just happens to be exactly what the manual indicates....float boat, full tank gas, no cargo, calm water.

    I don't see how this could be. Personally, i have no oil in intercooler, etc...etc...

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    Then Mark that would put you about where the manual says to be. It says to fill oil up to the hot full mark(secnd dot) so if you were a quart more than skips method you were probably close to the upper hole! But then you read the manual in another place and it says that the oil should be somewhere between the two holes when it's hot! I put 4 1/2 quarts in last night after the new filter(trust me, this thing was drained/sucked dry) and ran it nice and was perfect...a tad bit above the middle of the two holes...but, I don't think it's going to be accurate until I take it to the water, full gas, ran at 5000 rpms for 5 minutes(per manual) and then get off and check it in calm water.
    But, at least you only have to do that one time to know exactly how much you took out and how much you put back time it's just should be pretty close every time. Of course from time to time you will have to check to make sure it stays there. I can live with that!

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    Last oil change mine took a little more than 4 quarts, with filter, I dropped mine off for its 50 hour service today, (at 68 hours,lol), Itold them just to drain it, and do all the other service to it, and leave me 5 quarts of oil and Ill fill it myself. .Also told them to note any adjustment

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    Yep, I hear you.
    And this is why NO dealer has ever changed my oil on my skis!!! I went 5 and it pushed it over just a little...took some out and it was back down to just a little over 4 quarts...great minds think alike!

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    I did my buddies on Saturday, pulled out 6.5 quarts. I think the dealers were just checking the factory fill without insuring the engine was level and got low readings in lots of cases. He picked up about 100rpms, assuming because of the proper oil levels now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydrotoys View Post
    Mine was one quart high by Skips method.

    Ill need to go back and do this one all over again. If it is wrong then Ill fix it. To date I have had no oil issues. Have had oil levels rising do to gas though.

    Im on this one.

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