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    MSX 150 Turbo Problem

    I have a MSX 150 with approx 19 hours on the engine. I am only getting 50% - 60% turbo boost (4 leds) and I max out at 6000 RPM. I replaced a hose (from compressor to wastegate solenoid – I think) that was rotting away. No real improvement in performance. Any suggestions on what I can check (I am not a mechanic)? I would take it into the shop, but I just spent $1900 on fixing my Virage Txi (44 hours) (fuel pump, flywheel, stator, and starter).

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    what else but the blow off valve , im not sure but its a common problem

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    Is the blow off valve the same as the wastegate valve?

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    Sounds like a loose hose clamp on the intake hose. Which one I'm not sure but loose clamp will not give full boost.

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    make sure control arm on waste gate is not frozen open dumping boost

    later cd

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