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    My ski keeps stalling at all speeds - FIXED

    Well I followed the tips and plugged my sensor back in (Had it removed for my D-plate). Since I plugged back in my ski has not thrown any more warning lights or anything. I've been having trouble with stalling though. I can be cruising and all of a sudden the 06 gp1300 just shuts off. Sometimes at WOT, sometimes I can just be cruising about 35mph and it just turns off. The ski is running really strong and everything, but it will just shut off without warning. As soon as it stalls, it easily starts right back up and runs fine. Its not throwing a warning code or anything, so I dont know what I should be looking for.
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    It could be an exhaust leak....try running around with the seat off and see what happens.

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    Make sure your battery cables are tight on your battery and your ground is secure. That will do it every time even though it starts fine. Had it happen to me the same way before. If its just the slightest bit loose it will stall.

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    I will try these things, thanks for the help. I wonder if the exhaust could be leaking where the D-plate is? I would think a leak would make it run weird or something, not just stall completely?

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    check for a crack in the exhaust pipe above the throttle bodies. mine had a crack there. you will see a little water on the mounting bracket if this is the case. the water will go in the holes and stall the motor. good luck!

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    I had the same problem. Blew a tennis ball size hole in my rubber exhaust hose connecting the FF to the waterbox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MPower View Post
    I had the same problem. Blew a tennis ball size hole in my rubber exhaust hose connecting the FF to the waterbox.
    What's the FF? I'll have to look it over when I get home tonite. Hope I can find something

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    FF= the piece between your water box and your exhaust outlet.... do you have water in the ski? If not this is not your problem!

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    My ski is dry all under the seat. No water

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    Well I think I solved the problem. My negative battery wire wasn't tight whatsoever. I could tighten the bolt about 2 full turns just by hand! Hope this was the problem with my stalling.

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