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    Check Engine Warning...update

    Well today I took out my RXT again. After letting it warm up I took it for a few hard runs. It was running great all the way up to 67 on the speedo.
    I then started to do some quick turns and sure enough the check engine light comes on. Code P-0236 if I remember correctly is what it said. Top speed was now only about 55mph on the speedo.
    At this point I headed back to shore for a break. I shut off the ski for about an hour.
    When I get back on the ski obviously the check engine light is off. I try to replicate the problem just as before but I guess it magically fixed itself???

    So know I'm really baffled. I'm glad the problem went away but what the heck is going on. If anyone knows what the code means please let me know.

    Thanks for all the help

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    check that code again, I looked it up but could'nt find that code, recheck your numbers.

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    maybe it was 0326 which has to do with the knock sensor.

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