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    When to change plugs on a GP1300R

    I have 16 hours on it and all ive done is take out the plugs and clean and inspect them. When should I put new ones in?

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    Plugs in a Yamaha should be good for 80+ hours. I've never fouled one or noticed an improvement when changing plugs. Unless your fuel is contaminated.
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    Unfortunately,there is no single answer to this question. As spark plugs grow older, they lose their sharp edges as material from the center and ground electrodes is slowly eroded away. As the gap between these two points grows, the voltage required to bridge the gap increases proportionately. Even the best ignition systems will be strained to supply enough voltage to completely burn the fuel. It is at this point, when fuel is being left unburned, that the time has come to change spark plugs.

    Replacing worn out spark plugs with new ones (with sharp new edges) effectively restores the ignition system's efficiency. Misfires are reduced, power is restored, economy of operation is enhanced and emissions are reduced.

    This answer came from the NGK sight. There is alot of good info here.

    And for tuning this is a good one.
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