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    Randy At Watcon Is The Man

    Here's my little story i was on vacation this week so i took my 98 785 my 00 785 and my 96 slx780 and my 01 slx1200 so i figure i have all week at the water so i bring all my carb parts and jets my borescope and all my tools . at the beginning of summer i took all the goodies off the 00 pro and the one thing i changed was the carbs so i bought a nice set of 00 carbs off a guy in Nebraska to put on it so after i put them on it seemed alittle sluggish about half throttle and up the piston wash looked lean to me so i jetted it up and it was no better so i'm thinking who can i call to find out what the jetting should be and also to make sure there 98-00 carbs so i'm thinking maybe i can ask the guy at Walmart maybe he would know na or maybe the guy at the little marina working on that 70 hp outboard maybe he will know but then it hits me maybe i should call Watcon i heard he knows alittle about these 785 things .So i call Randy and tell him whats going on and he says well let me look at my notes for a stock 00 pro carb settings and he proceeds to tell me a bunch of different settings and then he says well lets try this one set of jets so i put them in and take it for a ride and man did she take off and run like crazy i was getting 7840 rpms with just a snap of the throttle so all i can say is if you EVER NEED HELP WITH YOUR 785 GIVE RANDY AT WATCON A CAll .
    Thanks Again Bob

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    hehe, I had a package coming to the lake everyay, often enough the UPS driver came directly to the site.LOL

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    Thanks for the nice words... I have a huge dartboard on the wall seperated into jet sizes, and when a customer calls I just toss two darts over my shoulder, and wherever they land is the specs I give out.. It must have been a lucky day.. LOL..

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