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    No exhaust temp sensor???

    Hey guys I bought a 2001 gp1200r from a guy about a week ago. It needed a rebuild due to a dropped powervalve. Also had to have the pump reassembled and put back together. I have the whole back half of the ski put back together then I am mounting the electrical box and go to look for the exhaust temp sensor in the stinger and notice that someone has stuck a bolt in its place. There IS a D plate installed so no cat. Not sure what the deal is I just dont wont any problems when I go to run it. I installed new powervalve assemblies and wave eater clips and couplers in the cylinders which were in awesome shape. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx

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    If there is a D-plate installed, there is no need for that temp sensor (the 17mm one, behind where the dplate goes).

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    I am guessing I am needing some kind of chip or resistor so a warning alarm wont go off

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    The chip will be installed where the old sensor was plugged in. Not something you would notice unless you're looking for it.

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    yeah I was just feeling around in the plug right at the electrical box and dont feel anything. Guess I will be ordering a chip any idea where I can get one from?

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    which plug would on the left side of the electrical box is for the exhaust temp sensor because there does seem to be something plugged into the one closest to the front of the ski.

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    If a dplate was installed and someone plugged the sensor, I'd be about 99% sure that they also installed the chip.

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    Its kind of a pain but you REALLY need to check and see if there is a D-plate in there or if its the cat. If the old cat is in there and actually did overheat or break up you wouldnt have a sensor to tell you and it could be trouble.
    It would be worth it to me to have the piece of mind in KNOWING that the cat is gone instead of wondering. Some people would rather remove the sensor to sell the ski instead of replacing the cat, and alot of people dont know about the D-plate option.

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    im def. sure its outta there I have the exhasut disassembled right now lying on the ground

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