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    Need help removing pistons and bendix

    The 951 engine on my 99 GSX limited locked up after sitting for a couple years. I took the engine out and opened her up. Pistons were scratched and the rings were scorched on the piston with no movement after taking them out. So I need to replace the pistons and rings. The cylinder walls look great. My problem now is how I remove the pistons from the rods? Also, all the teeth on my bendix are ripped off. How do I replace the bendix? Do I need to open up the crank case? If so, should I put new oil back in from the top of the case or put it all back together and fill up the oil tank? Thanks everyone.

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    Prolly just need to pull the flywheel and engine front cover off for the bendix.

    Also, I have to assume if the rings were that bad you're going to at least need a hone. What caused this? If lack of lubrication was the cause you may want to look at your bottom end as well.

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    The piston rings got stuck onto the piston in a way that they werent perfectly centered around the ring. This caused the piston to travel up and down in a slight diagonal motion. The cylinder walls look perfect. No scratches at all. It was from me not running the engine in two and a half years and not winterizing it correctly. I never started the engine in this condition is very minimal damage was done. The crank turns very easily and the rods look perfectly straight. The crank case is filled with oil so lack of lubrication was not the problem. I see that there is a dowel of some sort in the piston holding it to the rod. How do I get the piston out?

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    looks like there's a circlip holding each side of the wrist pin in place.
    grab youself a sharp screwdriver and pry it out, you'll be replacing the piston anyway.

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    On the 787 I am working on the wrist pins were stuck and I had to make a puller out of some all thread and some deep sockets. That is after I got the pin clips out of cource.

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    wear some safety glasses, those circlips will fly and poke out your eye or a bystander.

    why was there so much oil in the cases anyway?

    to answer your question about oil in the cases after you put it together, no, if you still use the oil injection system and it's not damaged/rotted from sitting that will supply the oil needed if properly set up in-sinc with the setting-marks.

    you need to invest in a OEM shop manual my friend, lots of good pics to go with your questions.


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    I stated the crank case was filled with oil because i was trying to say that there was oil. It was not actually filled as in completely full. I finally got my shop manual today so i should be ok for now. Thanks from everyone who helped out.

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