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    A little testing

    Since it was talked about recently I decided to test a few setups between the 1200 and 800 grate, with tabs and without.

    Hot, humid, half tank fuel, glass water, 1000 ft, on the seat.

    1200 grate with tabs on shimmed two washers= 73.9
    1200 grate NO TABS= 74.2
    800 grate No TABS= 75.1
    800 grate With tabs on flat against hull=75.4

    This tells me that the 800 grate is .9 mph faster but with alot more MID range snap and faster getting to top speed.

    The 1200 grate handles Much better and the Holeshot was ALOT better with a hard pull on my arms from the start but tapered off real quick and got to top speed slower. It also liked to jump out of the water a little to hard and come unhooked unless the trim was below nuetral and I leaned over the bars.

    This test also told me that my plate is still angled too high. I was .3 mph faster with the tabs installed with the 800 grate than I was with them removed and I think its because my bounce at top speed was back just a little when tabs where removed. With tabs it was rock solid and I could get back on the seat more.
    With the 1200 grate I didnt get any bounce but I think its because I couldnt get to the speed required to start the bounce sequence which is 75mph.

    1. As of right now its not worth it for me to run without tabs (until I lower my plate more).
    2. If I was drag racing or running a bouy course I would use the 1200 grate.
    3. For everyday riding with minimal holeshots I like the 800 grate better because of the midrange snap I get when other skis do there drive by thinking they are racing while Im just cruising along. Thats how most of my races happen.

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    Nice info! Question, what plate do you run? How much do you weigh? And what angle is it set at now?

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    R&D, 170 lbs, Im not for sure where I stopped when I lowered it the last time, I think its around .930 give or take. I will have to check it.

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