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    02' Virage I Fuel Problem?

    New to the forum, I need help. Just moved to SW Florida with no Polaris tech's to be had. I have two 02' Virage's with only 29 hrs. One quits after 30 minutes on water (the first time it started within 1 hr. and ran the rest of the day with no problem). It wouldn't start at beginning of new year for the first time last year so I took in for repair, they said it was a fuel pump breaker, they replaced, and said it ran fine (at least in their parking lot). Took out first time after repair this year and it did the same thing. Took it in again and they said nothing was wrong , just replaced dirty plugs. Went out again, same thing. It started at home in driveway an hou later and noticed fuel lines going up and down. Called a REAL service place(found on internet) in Lake Anna,VA. Tech told me he had same machines there with same problem and said it was the fuel pump/regulator. Souds good considering watching fuel lines. What do you think? If this is it, where can I get one. I have searched web endlessly. Need help so I can put some hrs. on them or sell them quickly. I would be happy to go to a service place within a 100 miles of where I live (Port Charlotte, FL.) if you know of one. Thank you.


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    Ralph, I'm sure Bernie will chime in here, he loves those pressure regulators and their failure rate. LOL
    Have you tried searching for pressure regulator under Polaris General??

    In the meantime WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!

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    ralph ,
    The only good thing here is you have one that works well and you can use it for diagnosis of the bad one (and also can tow the other home).Ok ,when the ski decides to not start do you get the fuel lines bulging then ?if so we can believe we have fuel pressure .If not can you hear the fuel pump buzzing ?It will only buzz while cranking the engine and stop about a second after you stop cranking .If you can hear it operating then a quick test for fuel regulator is to restrict the return line to the fuel tank the hoses should jump when you do this .You have to be careful as if you stop flow altogether you risk blowing hoses off and fire can result (save fire as last resort).Doesn't sound like fuel pressure prob but it is good to get it out of the equation
    Do you know if you have spark when it decides to not start ?Does the ski stop on its own ?
    Do you get a check engine light ? are your batt terminals tight? Red wire to start solenoid tight? wire from fuse box (at battery ) to red wire connecting good ?Will the ski start when you hold the bilge button down and crank ski ?
    Having ski do this sort of thing sounds like stator issue .Starts when cold then not when hot intermittant starting hmm .Check these other things and get back to us and we will take it from there



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