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    Unhappy Jerry's (Green Hulk) Metal Washers Disintegrate - Now what?

    I pulled the S/C yesterday afternoon to find that Jerry's (GH) Metal Washers had broken into several pieces... and 2 large chunks were gone.

    Now im wondering how long they have been this way, and where the metal went? And how do I find it, and get it out??

    If Jerry's metal ones are going to break up just like ceramics, then what do I put back in? I dont feel like spending another $90+ on washers that will do the same thing.

    Whats up with this?
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    Man some metal washer pieces will do wonders for your motor

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    How many hours are on the SuperCharger with the metal washers?

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    Wow, this is the first time I've ever heard of this.

    However, this will probably be one of those rare cases. The ceramics have a much higher failure rate than the metal, so if you want to switch back I guarantee you will be seeing that much more often.

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    Lake Anna is this weekend are you going to be able to Race.

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    Wow...i mean you should have jumped a lot with the ski's to break the metal washers like that...! I mean a lot more forgiving than ceramic...or maybe you had a wrong batch of metal washer....who that to Jerry and see what he thinks.

    As for where the matal parts are...probably in the bottom of the engine somewhere, at least i hope this can'T pass through the oil pumps like the ceramic does...this way at least the metal parts stays before the oil pumps screens.

    How many hours since the rebuilt...?
    Let us know.
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    WOW never heard of that happening. this is a rare case...

    im guessing these were in your RACE BOAT that is in your sig
    racing CC for many years myself I can definatly say its all "on-off" the thottle. there only WOT or not.
    if So they have probbly seen a bit more abuse then most of ours ever will.
    curious,, did you install them?? and what was your slip set at??

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    on the move

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    If you look at the second picture the washer got so hot it started to melt. I would have to say the washer became brittle from slippage and broke. You might try getting a set machined out of pure tungsten, hard as hell and with stand a hell a lot more heat than carbon steel. I say tungsten because if you have TIG welded you know what I mean.

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    I run the RE pro supercharger bracket and can report that my washers havent even slipped. This thing puts a stream of oil directly on the washers. No way that could happen with it.

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