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    98 Yamaha XL1200

    Some strange stuff going on first of all when we started the machine after being stored by dealer not a trouble starting but low idol though maybe just not running for awhile took it out last weekend very slugish low rpm wide open 5600 rpm slow though old gas just did not feel right. Tried today to check if I had compression seems to be there on all three with finger test when I pressed button with third plug out she would not shut off pulled lanyard hit kill switch had to remove battery cable from battery to shut down . Touch battery and she tries to start . CDI box cause this or lanyard switch or short somewhere any Idea's ???

    Note: Dealer said had hardtime starting machine to store it fixed corrision in cdi box.

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    wiring issue or stuck solenoid but if they were in the box for corrosion issues thats were I would start! Z

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    Still in the yard

    I would tackle this myself if i knew wher to start should I take cdi box out of machine I feel maybe that they don't want to look at it the shop or should I go elsewhere not sure about that everyone wants big dollars.

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    Cool update on waverunner

    Yes there was a stuck solinoid and the box was a mess heavy corrosion took the guy 8 hours to clean and rewire everything took cdi box out of machine to work on. Water tested sunday by mechanic said it was awesome said she ate a 2002 xp for fun and not even sure what the other watercraft was but walked by that one to. shit shes fast!!

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    Cool! Z

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