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    GPS Recommendation?

    I'm going to purchase a GPS to start checking RXP speeds this spring. Any recommendations on make/model/mounting options? Thank you!

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    here is what most of us use. works great and its cheap.

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    sse107: alot here also use the Garmin 72-76C models, depending on what you want it to do, are you planning on up-loading map software?
    check out:
    for info and price comparisons...PR...

    Welcome to the board dude!

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    It really depends what you want out of it.

    I had the legend, it fell in the water and died

    Apparently if they hit the water anywhere over a few mph they arent water proof

    but that's my fault, ok.

    So this time I decided to get a color model, but I couldn't justify the cost for just using it to track high speeds.

    I needed one with a few key elements:

    - Auto re-routing while driving on the roads, say you make a wrong turn, it corrects for it.

    - Auto routing for different kinds of vehicles, while towing the ski I can't take parkways. Needed one that knows the difference.

    - Able to see in sunlight.

    I ended up with the garmin gpsmap 76 c

    there's even a new one out now :-/ gps map 76cx

    I want that one, but this was a gift so im happy w/ it

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