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Thread: 04 rxp mods

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    04 rxp mods

    I just finished my rxp a few minutes ago and am gonna ride it tomorrow, here are my mods.

    stage 3 riva sc impeller
    steel washers
    4 inch intake
    shortened and gutted box
    3 inch thru hull exhaust
    opas block off
    external innercooler
    stock innercoller removed
    2 degree riva pump wedge
    15/19 riva pro impeller
    42 lb injectors

    What do you guys think it will run? i am gonna try it tomorrow.

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    What temps will you be running in?

    How much gas?

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    90 degrees - sea level - 1/2 tank

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    75-78 mph easy!

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    i made one run and it netted 75.8 gps. i started to make the next run and it began to miss. i opened the seat and it had water in the hull. it looks like the water box developed a hole and was pumping water in the hull. is there any suggestions as to what to do if it pulled some water in the sc? plugs,etc.......

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