I posted awhile back about the probs i was having with my 01 gpr1200. It had a broken pv at the stem no damage to piston or cyl. Comp was 110,130,110. I was told by my local yamaha tech that all i need was a pv and new rings, engine as 104 hrs on it. So i went ahead and put my new rings on and my new pv in and cleaned up all the yamalube sh%t. So about 7 hrs later i was able to start the ski and everything sounds good. Took it out on the lake and sure enough she feels like she used to nice pull at midrange but im missing rpms i think.

B4 i "fixed" the ski i was running 57.6 avg.(magellan gps)@6800+/-80rpms.
after i was able to get her up to 62.3 @7010rpms. didnt run wot for more then a few secs wanna let the rings get set.

So am i missing rpms and speed somewhere?

The ski has on it
r@d D-plate and chip
r@d intake grate
solas 13/19(bought from philip)
New rings and one new pv
tiny tach
also removed the air intake elbow and that bulb thing and the flame arrestor screen

I will try to do another comp test tonight if not then deff tomorrow. Also when i had the prop put on i noticed on one of the stator vains had about a 5/8" wide by 1/2" deep chunk missing. the guy that did the prop said its fine??? he's also the one that told me just to do rings cus the topends last along time.

The intake and pump shoe are flush with the hull, nothing hanging down. So would the vain being bad cut my speed down? shouldnt i be around 65?? thanks in advanced for any light that anyone may shine on this for me