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    how do you take off a piston

    Alright might sound stupid to some but i have a 1999 270 exciter with the 65u engine in it and the left motor is blown...It's all dissassembled except i don't know how to remove the old pistons...I know there is a clip holding the rod bearings in but how do you get the clip out...My friend can do it but i'm trying to learn for myself and in turn create less work for him...Can anyone explain what tool or tools you use and step by step how to remove them without tearing anything up...thanks in advance...

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    HI! they either have a circlip that you can remove with needle nose pliers reaching into the slots on the piston or u need snap ring pliers for the holes if equipped

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    I don't know about the 65 U, but can assume is is similar to the 66V. Once you remove the clip on 1 side of the piston, you should be able to slide the pin out on that side of the piston. The piston may have spacers on each side of the pin so be real careful when you slide it out. I usually take tape and completely tape up the top of the case so nothing can fall into it. Do this before you start removing the clips on the piston too.
    You should pull up a parts exploded view of that engine to get a visual of all the parts that go into that piston assembly.

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    Use needle nose to remove the circlip there is a hole where you can get the tip of the needle nose in. Then push the pin out keep your fingers underneath the piston to catch the thrust washers so they do not fall in your case.
    sometimes the piston is so worn the pin will not push out when this happens I use a deep socket and tap it out with a hammer support the piston when you do this.

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    thanks for the help i'll give it another try next weekend when i get a chance...

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