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    Anodes re-visited

    In July Boats.U.S mag, "ask chuck" column, he answers one readers question about zinc anodes like we have on our skis.

    "...that zinc anodes will become inactive after a short period in fresh water." (...because the corrosion products are deposited on the surface faster than the zinc is cleaning itself by corroding, called 'going to sleep'.) ...."Others have strongly recommended use of aluminum anodes for all conditions. Either aluminum or magnesium anodes will erode fast enough in freshwater (or brackish water) to keep their surfaces clean of corrosion products, unlike zinc that may become inactivated by the coating." (It points out that zinc is fine for salt water.)

    Leak in aluminum intercoolers in fresh water?

    I do not know where to get mag anodes but it might be worth finding some. I think mag is the best one.

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    I'd stick with zinc. Every boat builder in the world uses zinc. Can't be an accident.

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