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    Jerry, how is the project coming?

    So what is going on with the overhaul? Have you started rebuild it yet? What is your ETA of finishing the project?

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    Just refreshing the question as I am sure Jerry was busy yesterday. Thanks

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    sorry i missed this.

    Yep, i have my ski in 1000 pieces. My connecting rods are in Florida getting strengthened, my block is in California getting fitted with some custom pistons, my head is also in California getting some more aggressive porting and will be fitted with some custom valves/spring from Ferrea.

    I have my hull flipped upside down right now and am in the process of truing it. It was in real bad shape. Had to be costing me some speed.

    Once the truing is done it's off to the body shop to have the top deck painted a dark green. I'll top it all off with Rotax Racing's carbon fiber hood.

    Lots of things in the works for my ski right now.

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