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    Wink Stock 05 Challenger 180 215HP SCIC

    Hello guys,

    I'm new to this site/forum, i see plenty of usefull threads to read here, but i wonder where to start with my boat for upgrades....?
    Think i should ask your opinions....

    First thing i did is to ask Geen Hulk for a quotation to send him my supercharger unit to garbage those flaws in it...i want improver SC impeller+metal washers+improved bearings in it.

    My 05 challenger was purchased used and got around 115 hours on it already, so i'm about to remove the pump and throw away the plastic wear ring for a Stainless one, and might just go with a improvement on the pump impeller too...

    Any feedbacks suggestions on my boat...?
    BTW the Challenger 180 is the 18 feet new hull for the challenger.
    I want it to be better on overall performance, not to become a WILD THING or a beast....but let's say poor top speed is main concern for the moment...!

    Thx in advance for the feedback...!

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    Guys i needyour inputs for the pump impeller itself....what would you recommend in regard to an upgrade versus the stock one....?

    All I know is the stock one is Stainless Steel, progressive pitch 10-21 supposedly per the shop manual.

    So if you guys could point me out on a kind of tips and hints versus the famous: IMPELLER 101, i would appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance,

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    If you mod your air intake (remove the restrictive oem), I think something like a Solas 4 blade 14/18 would do the trick. Hopefully other owners of similar boats will chime in. Thatsallotta boat but it has one helluva power plant. While Jerry has your supercharger, have him put in a better supercharger impeller. The performance gain - especially on top end - is worth it.

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