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    97 GTX problem. Help!!!!!

    Hi guys I 'm usually on the 4-tec side of this forum but my riding buddies 97 gtx is giving him problems so I thought I'd try to help out. Here it is. He was out riding and at about 99.5 hours it started saying low oil and run crappy for a while then ok then crappy again. he checked the oil and it was fine. so he limped back home and topped it off. when restarted the maint code was on the screen. I didn't know if this was something that the factory programs in the ecu to get it checked at 100 hours or what. any help is appreciated.

    TIA mongo

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    Have you done a compression test?

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    Sounds like he has multiple problems. Change the spark plugs, simple things first on the crappy running issue. Low oil light is probably a loose electrical connection. The service light does come on at 100 hours...but doesn't hurt performance or operation.

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