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    Starting new motor that sat for a year

    Hey everyone,
    Gonna be installing a new motor over the weekend, but before it's in the hull I want to make sure I've prepped the motor while it's easily accessible. Here's the thing... it's a new motor, but it has sat in the crate for about a year. I bought it from a guy that never got around to installing it. It rotates freely, and I've put a capful or so of oil through the spark plug holes.

    I seem to remember reading someone where someone recommended getting at the crank bearings with a turkey baster. I've searched like crazy, but can't find any of that info. This motor has been fairly protected from the elements while stored, but I'd like to make sure it's 100%. What bearings should I go ahead and give a squirt of oil, and how do I get to them? This is all with a 750 motor that I'm putting in an SL650. I will be making sure it fires and runs for a bit here at home on the hose. Then at the water I'll follow the break in procedure of 20 minutes running very gently with varying throttle, cool down, 20 minutes with more varying throttle, cool down, then good to go. Thanks.

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    If you pull the carb rack and reeds, you can apply oil to the crank from there.
    If the RPM's take off a little (seals may not be correctly sealing because of time) just apply a little choke or fuel to keep the R's down until the engine settles down.

    Good Luck toes and fingers crossed!

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    you know the best way i can find to start any motor that has not been run for a while is to take a clean windex bottle and fill it with premixed fuel and squirt it directly into your carbs while cranking. it will save alot of time cranking and does wonders for the starter and battery. it may take a few trys but the results are well worth the effort, in fact i carry my squirt bottle with me every time i go out, ..... well not to dinner lol

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    Yeah before I crank it for the first time I'm going to temporarily put in a primer bulb to go ahead and fill the lines and carbs. Then I'll probably stick with the spray bottle idea. I've noticed up in the flame arrestor there is a nozzle above each carb right at the top of the tube, just under the metal screen. What were these for, priming of some sort? I planned on just putting vacuum plugs on them.

    edit: Ok well according to my manual it looks like those were for the oil injection lines on the '95 carbs. It confused me because the engine I am installing had the injection lines connected lower on the carbs, which appears to be for 92-94 carbs. I am installing a 750 in a '95 650 hull. Looks like I'm reusing my '95 flame arrestor cover on a rebuilt 92-94 motor. I've switched to premix, so I guess I'll just plug those up to.
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    Alright one more. Now I'm concerned about any differences between the years. How might I find out what year that is? After reading up on some stuff, I'm wondering if these carbs will have the internal restrictor. Everything's already in the boat so I'd rather not tear into the carbs. As far as my fuel mixture goes, I'm just going start with some general fuel settings and monitor closely and adjust.

    The engine is serial # 9401016, production # EC750PW00202494.... hmmm maybe 94?
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    Yes it's a 94. I'd put in the fuel line restrictor into ther return line.

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