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    Air Intake Speedster Wake 200 430

    Looking for some images and input on what some of you have done to modify the intake. From the images I can see it looks like most are adding just enough hose to get an air filter mounted and out of the way. Seems easy but have two questions.

    1 The rectifier simply needs to be removed and remounted. Iíd like to remove the stock air boxes and the rectifier is mounted on the top of them.

    2 I think there is an engine vent pipe connected towards the front to the air intake hose. (Canít quite get my head in there yet ) What are you doing with that hose connection?


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    I think you have the right impression as to the general design of the air intake mod.

    The rectifier needs to be in a cool spot, ideally with some moving fresh air supply. Some have just zip tied or otherwise mounted them to the bracket that held the black air-box in place. Very important not to leave the rectifiers in the disconnected air-boxes.

    The crank case breather hose that feeds back into the stock air intake closer to the supercharger can be disconnected where it connects to the air intake, and then some have re-attached it to a "catch can" or breathable cannister that will collect any discharged oil while others have simply let it hang into the bilge.

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    'Course one option is to take a "Y" connector and utilize the existing stock intake and another intake path.

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    Thanks -- any emotion around leaving the breather just haning? If I do the "Y" option do I need to worry about any vaccume issuess?


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    Oh, you don't want to leave that breather hanging, I still think some oil could drip through. I'm hoping with my "Y" setup, that there is still enough vacuum going through the stock side for the PCV to work. It's got to be better than not using it at all.

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    Gotch ya -- Two follow up questions im reading all the post I can find so forgive some of the clarification questions...

    The diam of the SC intake is 3" correct? So your "Y" connects the SC to the existing Air intake and then to an air filter (like K&N or...). Sounds like in the "Y" set up the vaccume is still an unknown?

    Also I have read the Riva has an air kit but no ones tried it on the boat yet. In looking it appears to simply remove the air box and add a K&N filter.

    Do you have some pics of your set up? I see a few on the board but most are of the SC and airfilter, any of the front side with the breather and the rectifier?

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    Well, I can tell ya, you don't want to do my setup. It has cost me hundreds of dollars, and includes two large holes drilled into the hull with catch-cans and large tubing everywhere. I was bound and determined to get fresh air going into that engine. When I finally tested it the other day, although it sounds good, it doesn't seem any stronger than one of my first, simpler solutions. I have tested a multitude of solutions.

    The SC lip is an odd 2 7/8". Here's the best, easiest way I found in all my testing: get a flexible 3" to 4" 90 degree elbow. Cut a little slit out of the 3" side so it clamps securely onto the supercharger. Get a 3" x 3" x 3" PVC "Y" connector from the plumbing isle in Home Depot. One 3" side of the connector will fit perfectly slug into the 4" side of the elbow. Then a 4" Spectre stainless steel filter (Autozone, $42) will fit onto another port of the PVC (clamp it). Finally, connect the stock intake to the last opening in the PVC connector. You will probably need a little adaptor to make that connect well, again, the plumbing isle. The rectifier stays were it is and gets plenty of air.

    The first two pictures below illustrates that idea. The other pictures are pieces of my current intake, but I haven't taken a picture of the whole thing yet.

    I'm heading to the water right now to test my new prop pitch.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks this helps... Pics worth a bunch -- Ill give it a go and report back

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    Well I dunno about you guys, but my rectifier became hot enough to set off a code and damn near melt the zip ties I originally used.I eventually mounted it to the cross bracket that held the airbox in place and metal tied a small fan onto it for cooling, been perfect ever since.

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    Yeah, if I wasn't utilizing the stock intake, I wouldn't want to leave the rectifier in the hot box, that's just one of the reasons I use the stock intake too. In testing different intake configurations, I left it in there without airflow for a bit, but it would be asking for trouble in the long run (or short run with James' luck).

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